Friday, October 12, 2012


I know it's late for this to post but I felt I had to, my bad! :( ... But as promised I shoot some pictures from my photography class at school and I will show you soon the results :) I hope you like and enjoy the post... I have to admit that I didn't like the Burberry metallic leather trench coats, I don't know just not my style :/ ...


Wednesday, September 26, 2012


I'm back!!! Shame on me because I was lost God know's where... :/ but I came back to share my favorite looks at the New York runways! :) Most of the looks I chose are too prét-a-porter and much my style! I'm working on London's Fashion Week and Milan's as well, Paris Fashion week is tomorrow and the show I'm waiting for is.... CHANEL obviously, Balmain comes next!! hope you like it... and hopefully I'll make new entries of my look of the day or look of the night-out :D haha 

Ale Z

Thursday, July 19, 2012


This day as many others was really spontaneous, my friend and I went to buy the tickets for Def Leppard concert which was last monday, and I can say it was really awesome! I didn't know the bad until she told me about it! I just knew 4 songs haha. After buying the tickets we went to this "park" which is actually the Canadian Center for Architecture to spend some time and take some pictures, after that we went to the terrace of Hôtel de la Montagne just to drink a pitcher of Sangria. 

Unfortunately I'm sad now because this saturday I leave montreal, I go to Houston Tx for a couple or days and then back to Mexico! I will miss my freedom sooo much, and my new friends and also the beautiful ambience and places!  :'( 

Well I just have to enjoy this two days to the MAX !!

stay tuned xx

Friday, July 6, 2012


Hey people I leave you here with some pictures of my last friday look, this friday and this weekend I hope to take a lot of pictures! These pictures were taken spontaneously outside the house where I'm staying here in Montreal, I just told my friend before we left "OMG the pictures, come on quick pictures!" haha and well this is the result... Hope you like them :) 
IT'S FRIDAYYYYY!!!! Have a nice weekend, enjoy!! 
(I will because I have 2 weeks left here! So I better enjoy to the max!!) 


Saturday, June 30, 2012

Quebec City

Montmorency Falls.
This express-trip happened last saturday, I went with my friend to Quebec city on Quebec's day! It is a lovely city, unfortunately I didn't had the chance to explore a lot this city because around 3 started to rain pretty bad! :/ but for what I saw I would love to come again and have the chance to see more things. 

I've been taking pictures as promised, hopefully tomorrow I'll try to take some street style pictures in the old port and old montreal because is canada day and they'll be a loooott of people! And it's also the final of the Euro cup!! OMG spain vs. italy... I''m mexican I should go with Spain but I don't know it's hard... But let the best win! :) 
Have a great weekend!! 


Sunday, June 24, 2012


Hey well as promised here are some pictures from what I wore to go to school and then to St. Joseph's Oratory, it was a really beautiful place, these were taken last thursday (a pretty long day because it turned to be a girls night out!) Places visited that day&night: School - St Joseph's Oratory - MadHatter's Pub - LOST SOMEWHERE in montreal - Club ... one of the best nights! 
The next post will be about my Quebec City outfit! 
Stay tuned... Hope you have/had a great weekend! 

Como prometí, aqui están algunas de las fotos de mi outfit del jueves pasado para ir a la escuela y al Oratorio de St. Joseph, esta super bonito, y tiene unas vistas hermosas! El jueves resulto ser un día larguísimo porque fue girls night out! Lugares visitados ese día/noche: Escuela - Oratorio - MadHatter's Bar - algún lugar en Montreal (nos perdimos) - Club ... sin duda alguna fue una de las mejores noches de mi vida! 
El siguiente post serán de mis outfit en Quebec, las cuales tome ayer! 
Espero y hayan tenido un bonito fin de semana! 

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Neon + Deer

Hey guys, this is the first pictures I took in Montreal of my first look, that I've been visualize since I bought that neon sweater which I love! I'm so happy to be here in montreal again :D 
These were taken yesterday, it wasn't planned so they might not be really nice, but I just wanted to share my outfit and also the delicious meal that I ate with a cold beer... (been missing that! haha) 
Well... I will make an other entry soon so stay tuned ;) (may come soon: street style, party pictures, and fashion and make up styling) 


Wednesday, June 6, 2012


I'll leave you this song for you, which is one of my favorites, I know it's not new but this kind of music and also some indie helps me to find some inspiration about art and fashion, I'm in a great mood and I'm also excited cuz in 3 days I'll be in Montreal, AGAIN :D ... Right now I'm in Houston, TX and I think I've just finished with my shopping; I just want to announce something that you may have already noticed (it's official): I'm obsessed with skirts and the black color! 
Have a great day!! 
Wait for the next entry :*

Les dejo este video el cual es uno de mis favoritos, se que no es nueva la cancion pero me encanta! Este tipo de música y el indie me ayudan a sentirme inspirada. Estoy super emocionada porque ya en 3 días estoy de vuelta en Montreal :D ... Ahorita estoy en Houston y creo que ya termine con mis compras :/ (siento que llevo demasiada ropa pero es que también quiero tomar muchas fotos!). Solo quiero anunciar algo que ya han de saber: estoy obsesionada con las faldas y el color negro!
Tengan un excelente día!
Esperen la próxima entrada :* 

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Daddy's Bday Outfit

 Today was my dad's birthday! And well this is what I wore for the whole day. We went to a very nice restaurant, plus I woke up in the perfect mood to choose my outfit. Too bad I couldn't take better pictures and these were taken with my blackberry, I know shame on me :( ... but I needed to post something, and I loved what I was wearing! 

ps. I'm excited because the day after tomorrow I head up to Houston, TX for a couple of days and then...Montreal! :D 

Purple Guess? Jeans
Mint blouse - Charlotte Russe 
Burberry watch 
Silver bracelets - Forever21
Stuart Weitzman Nude Pumps 
Louis Vuitton clutch 

Monday, May 7, 2012


Photo property of: Carolina Engman - Fashion Squad

Well I just wanted to share this picture with my readers and citizens. This is my final exam of one of my subjects, I have to announce that is my first "cover magazine" and I'm in second semester! haha it's not my best work, I'm so exigent with myself and perfectionist too! I made this in half an hour probably. I made some more for another subject (you can see it below). Hope you like it and I hope Carolina likes it too!

Bueno les quiero compartir esta foto. Es mi examen final para mi clase de Fundamentos del diseño, es mi primera portada de revista y apenas voy en segundo semestre, aun no soy experta en el tema así que sean pacientes conmigo! haha. No es mi mejor trabajo, soy exigente conmigo misma y también perfeccionista! Esto lo hice en media hora aprox. Hice otra publicidad para la materia de Edición de Imagen la cual pueden ver abajo. Espero les haya gustado.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

A** Back Home!!

I'm excited and happy to announce that next month I'll be in Montreal, and this song reminds me of it and other multiple things! I hope to take a lot of pictures and keep posting looks and probably street style. 
Have a great weekend! 

Friday, April 27, 2012

W.G.D !!

Today is World Graphics Day and this is the shirt I was wearing today, which I bought yesterday. One of my teachers made the design, and I find it cool, in my personal opinion!! So congratulations to all the designers in the world! Never give up in your dreams, and in your original idea... never stop creating! Make love make designs :) Have a nice weekend ! 

Hoy es el Día del Diseñador y ésta es la playera que traigo puesta el día de hoy, la cual la compre ayer. Una maestra hizo el diseño y en lo personal a mi me gusto! Que les parece? .. FELICIDADES a todos los diseñadores!! Nunca desistan de sus sueños, ni de sus ideas originales... nunca dejen de crear!! 
Que tengan un super fin de semana!


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sunny Saturday

Pictures by: Ambrossio Flores 
Finally another look post, sorry I've been busy with school! :/ but two more weeks and I'm done! Also, I'm happy to announce that this summer I'll be again in Montreal for almost 2 months!! I'm in love with that city, I would love to live there at least for a year! The weather is amazing except for January and February, I say its amazing because I love the cold weather! haha I might sound crazy I know.
Anyway, I'm hoping to take a looooottt of pictures this time, now that this blog has become serious to me, I have to make a compromise with myself and the blog to make entries while being there! Can't wait!!! :D 
This outfit was spontaneous because I had in mind to wear something totally different, but guess that will be another time! Hope you liked it too. 
Have a great week! 

Monday, April 23, 2012


This is a preview of what I wore last saturday during the day. Hope you had a great weekend.. xx

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

FF: Fabulous Finds

So here is finally another post of some of the new items I just got from my last trip to the US, there are some more items but I wore them over there so they belong now to the laundry bag. 
Starting with this Burberry bag, it was my best "deal", it was an opportunity I had to take. The red and black dress was also one of my favorites.
Also I found out that I have something with skirts, the last two look post I've been wearing skirts, sorry if I get you bored about just wearing skirts but I LOVE THEM!! haha. 
Umm well I've been looking for a mint blouse, and when I was in the fitting rooms line I saw this beautiful and cute blouse. 
And now to finish, on my first day I went to an outlet store and I saw this Tahari flats, and I was like OMG the color, I don't have flats in that color, OMG they're my size, OMG the price!! I'LL TAKE THEM! 
After all, when I arrived home I saw all the tickets and I felt, and well I still feel a little guilty, but as one of the slogans of a famous department store like Saks here in Mexico called El Palacio de Hierro, says "la culpa de comprar se me quita al estrenar" which it means that "the guilt of buying goes aways by using for the first time", I know that'll happen to me :) 
I hope you like the post and the items as well, tell me which ones you liked. Look post coming soon! Stay tuned my citizens :) 
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Sunday, March 25, 2012


This is my first make up tutorial, fast and simple, I hope you like it! Also I got to admit that I was a little bit nervous about it and I made some mistakes. I will make another one soon. Stay tuned!! 

Este es mi primer tutorial de maquillaje, fue súper rápido y sencillo, espero y les haya gustado! Aunque tengo que admitir que estaba un poco nerviosa y cometí algunos errores. Pronto haré otro así que estén al pendiente de lo que pasa!!

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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Just random...

By: Ambrosio Flores
This was just a random photo shoot because the main thing about going to take some pictures was: homework :/ ... I wasn't really in the mood, and also I wasn't wearing my best outfit, in fact it was so random, I went like this to school! I wasn't either in my best attitude to pose but whatever I promise the next time will be better :) 

Estas fotos fueron en un día súper equis, porque más que nada íbamos a tomar fotos solo para la tarea de la clase de fotografía pero finalmente dije: bueno porque no?, ya estamos aquí; y más que nada fue porque este no considero que sea uno de mis mejores outfits pero también accedí porque traía puesto mis últimas adquisiciones. Pero prometo que el próximo look sera mejor :)

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Jason has arrived

These are my new items. The Chanel Rose Exubérant nail polish was bough last friday (last week), my black ballerinas were bought yesterday, and Jason Wu's bag was bought I guess last month? but has arrived an hour ago, because my friend has just brought it to me (She's living in the US/ the same friend that sent me the Lavender Vera Wang boots ). So I guess tomorrow I might have a shoot wearing these three items (it just came into my mind). Keep checking this out! :) And as soon as I contact my photographer-friend I'll have a shoot, hopefully today! 

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Photo by: Ambrosio Flores

Well what can I say... this is my first official photo shoot with my now official photographer which is also a friend, we took these at my niece's baptism in which I was the godmother, I had to wear PINK! actually you might realize that I'm not a big fan of pink (in clothes), on the contrary I had to wear something black, for me that's a must! I LOVE black! 
Anyway, I hope you like this post and we're figuring out to post an outfit once a week (for now, meanwhile the blog gets more audience), it could be taken to me or to a friend and me as the stylist and make up artist :)  

Bueno este es mi primer post oficial, con una sesión en forma y con mi fotógrafo el cual es también un amigo mío, estas fotos fueron tomadas el día del bautizo de mi sobrina en el cual yo fui la madrina y tuve que usar ROSA! y la verdad no es mi color favorito, son contadas las piezas de ropa que tengo de ese color si no es que esta blusa es la única, por el contrario tenía que usar algo negro! 
Espero les haya gustado el post, apenas estamos viendo que vamos a hacer un post como este una vez a la semana pues aun no tiene muchas visitas el blog, además puede que las fotos sean tomadas a mi o a una amiga y yo sea la stylist y la maquillista , así que estén al pendientes de lo que vaya a pasar :) 

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Mercedes-Benz NYFW - Fall/Winter'12


Rebecca Minkoff

Diane Von Furstenberg 

Derek Lam

This are my favorites looks and items from New York's fashion week, tomorrow I may post the looks and items from London's and then Milan's fashion week... I'm late I know, but like they say "better now than never" :) 

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

There has to be black...

This are my new items. The Dior vernis was bought last sunday and the pale pink blouse and the shorts were bought yesterday actually! The shorts were on sale and I loved them! Perfect for a night out wooo! :D; and the pink blouse will be wear this saturday! so of course I will post pictures from my outfit.. and the best thing is that they will be shoot by my now OFFICIAL photographer! which is also a friend of mine :) so I hope this new thing goes well! Can't wait for this weekend... stay tuned :) 

Monday, February 20, 2012

New York can wait... Burberry can't!!!

In case you missed it here is the link of Burberry's Fashion Show, and well London's Fashion Week has just started! ... I really loved the show, the collection and the finale... of course who's behind is the amazing Christopher Bailey. Up next are some pictures from my favorites looks and items! Long live to Christopher Bailey!!!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Electric Blue!

Past Tense

Well this is a picture of THE couple! but we're not here to talk about Hollywood's gossip. I loved the red detail of Angelina's Atelier Versace dress, it's the perfect match of simple and elegant! What a lucky woman: mother of many children, beautiful, with a handsome husband, talented and much more... 

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Look what I just found... & bought!

After having lunch with my mom at an Italian food restaurant she told me to go with her to a department store to look out for somethings and before leaving she told me "Ale let's go to see shoes", I agreed even though I was really tired and dying to take a nap but WERE SHOES haha and I saw this beauties! Before falling even more in love with them I had to look at the bottom if they were my size, which I found they were then I looked at the price and OMG they were 70% OFF!!! As soon as I tried them on I said the magic words: I WANT THEM!!! and now I own them :) 

ps. I wore them last night sorry I couldn't wait more! (they're sooo comfortable) 

Have a nice weekend! 

Boots - dionella

Saturday, January 14, 2012

From Other Planet!

Hi, look what I just found on facebook! Asteroid 160mm Christian Louboutin pumps. These have to be definitely from other planet. Just look at the spikes... you can knock out a person, for sure! hahaha, I loved them!
What do you think ? 

Monday, January 2, 2012

Black Pearl

I wore this last week to a dinner party of a friend at a restaurant; I didn't got the chance to upload them right away, but today that was a total laziness day I had to! This 2012's first post !! I hope to make more entries to the blog!

And well the bag is a Xmas gift from my dad :) I'm in love with messenger bags, they are soooo comfortable, and I can put a lot of things inside! haha

Hope you liked the outfit and please hype it in lookbook !!