Thursday, June 14, 2012

Neon + Deer

Hey guys, this is the first pictures I took in Montreal of my first look, that I've been visualize since I bought that neon sweater which I love! I'm so happy to be here in montreal again :D 
These were taken yesterday, it wasn't planned so they might not be really nice, but I just wanted to share my outfit and also the delicious meal that I ate with a cold beer... (been missing that! haha) 
Well... I will make an other entry soon so stay tuned ;) (may come soon: street style, party pictures, and fashion and make up styling) 


Forever 21 neon sweater
black pencil skirt - PacSun
Aldo shoes
Aldo shades
Steve Madden studded messenger bag 

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  1. I agree with little black always works when in a rush!



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