Thursday, July 19, 2012


This day as many others was really spontaneous, my friend and I went to buy the tickets for Def Leppard concert which was last monday, and I can say it was really awesome! I didn't know the bad until she told me about it! I just knew 4 songs haha. After buying the tickets we went to this "park" which is actually the Canadian Center for Architecture to spend some time and take some pictures, after that we went to the terrace of Hôtel de la Montagne just to drink a pitcher of Sangria. 

Unfortunately I'm sad now because this saturday I leave montreal, I go to Houston Tx for a couple or days and then back to Mexico! I will miss my freedom sooo much, and my new friends and also the beautiful ambience and places!  :'( 

Well I just have to enjoy this two days to the MAX !!

stay tuned xx

Friday, July 6, 2012


Hey people I leave you here with some pictures of my last friday look, this friday and this weekend I hope to take a lot of pictures! These pictures were taken spontaneously outside the house where I'm staying here in Montreal, I just told my friend before we left "OMG the pictures, come on quick pictures!" haha and well this is the result... Hope you like them :) 
IT'S FRIDAYYYYY!!!! Have a nice weekend, enjoy!! 
(I will because I have 2 weeks left here! So I better enjoy to the max!!)