Friday, December 23, 2011

Time to play

While I was about to watch the new official video: Titanium - David Guetta ft. Sia I saw this commercial and most of the time I skip them but this time was about Dior and not only that, it was about MAKE-UP something as now you may know, I love to do and buy. Dior is my second favorite brand of make-up. I really loved it because I think it was very creative; at least for me, what do you think? 

Mientras esperaba que cargara el nuevo video: Titanium de David Guetta ft. Sia vi este comercial. La verdad siempre los ignoro pero esta vez me llamo mucho la atención porque era de Dior y no solo eso, era de MAKE-UP lo cual amo hacer y me encanta comprar! Dior es mi segunda marca favorita de maquillaje y realmente me gusto el comercial porque me pareció algo muy creativo, al menos para mi, que piensas? 

Friday, December 9, 2011

Anna's picture

Sorry for stealing this anna dello russo. But while I was looking at her page and saw this beauties I went directly on google trying to find them but I failed, and the only option I got was posting the picture she had so I could share this with you. I got to mention that I have (as many other girls in the world) a special feeling for Louboutins! But these got me speechless, it's amazing how they are manufactured, it's a total Art piece!