Tuesday, February 15, 2011

NEW IN!!!!

On my trip to mexico city I got the fast opportunity to go shopping at Centro Comercial Antara in Polanco, which is a really nice area at the city. Well I bought a really nice belt which unfourtunally I couldn't take a picture, I bought it in MANGO (click link to see the belt) I really had to buy it because it was a need! (REALLY), I bought a sunglasses from ALDO and a nice ring. I will leave you this pictures to show you my latest "gots". 

Hope you like it.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Directly from..

Hi, I've just arrived from mexico city, and well I really missed my laptop, it's obviously not the same using the internet from your cellphone as from your lap top. 

I did this style thing at H&M web page, just for fun and because I got nothing to do. I did it very quickly and well I chose this because I would buy them and wear it if I have an H&M in my hometown.

Well here it is I hope you like it :) 

see ya.. 

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Ok according that I need some action here at my blog and some other ways to get it attractive I did this.

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xx. Later

Monday, February 7, 2011


Did somebody said that making a blog was easy?! .. maybe I thought it but not anymore and it's been a whule since.. I haven't got the arragenments to get this blog well presented to all the web audience (this term has just came out of my mind I don't even know if this exists) anyway.. I hope that within the time I'll get this blog well. I swear/promise that I'll have a nice blog at least talking about design.
This is my first post of the year, and I hope it won't be the onlyone.

The last thing I bought is a vernis (nail polish) from Chanel, colour: Black Pearl. It's really a nice colour, is a mix of green, black and silver...Result: just great.

Gotta go.. see ya soon :)