Saturday, January 21, 2012

Look what I just found... & bought!

After having lunch with my mom at an Italian food restaurant she told me to go with her to a department store to look out for somethings and before leaving she told me "Ale let's go to see shoes", I agreed even though I was really tired and dying to take a nap but WERE SHOES haha and I saw this beauties! Before falling even more in love with them I had to look at the bottom if they were my size, which I found they were then I looked at the price and OMG they were 70% OFF!!! As soon as I tried them on I said the magic words: I WANT THEM!!! and now I own them :) 

ps. I wore them last night sorry I couldn't wait more! (they're sooo comfortable) 

Have a nice weekend! 

Boots - dionella

Saturday, January 14, 2012

From Other Planet!

Hi, look what I just found on facebook! Asteroid 160mm Christian Louboutin pumps. These have to be definitely from other planet. Just look at the spikes... you can knock out a person, for sure! hahaha, I loved them!
What do you think ? 

Monday, January 2, 2012

Black Pearl

I wore this last week to a dinner party of a friend at a restaurant; I didn't got the chance to upload them right away, but today that was a total laziness day I had to! This 2012's first post !! I hope to make more entries to the blog!

And well the bag is a Xmas gift from my dad :) I'm in love with messenger bags, they are soooo comfortable, and I can put a lot of things inside! haha

Hope you liked the outfit and please hype it in lookbook !!