Monday, January 2, 2012

Black Pearl

I wore this last week to a dinner party of a friend at a restaurant; I didn't got the chance to upload them right away, but today that was a total laziness day I had to! This 2012's first post !! I hope to make more entries to the blog!

And well the bag is a Xmas gift from my dad :) I'm in love with messenger bags, they are soooo comfortable, and I can put a lot of things inside! haha

Hope you liked the outfit and please hype it in lookbook !!

Steve Madden messenger bag
Steve Madden black pumps  
Forever21 blouse 
Guess? Watch 
Forever21 Golden feathers necklace 
gold and black bracelets - xmas gifts from mom and an aunt
Dior orange vernis - Aloha

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  1. i loove messenger bags too!
    they're fabulous! oh and i love your shoes!


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