Tuesday, April 10, 2012

FF: Fabulous Finds

So here is finally another post of some of the new items I just got from my last trip to the US, there are some more items but I wore them over there so they belong now to the laundry bag. 
Starting with this Burberry bag, it was my best "deal", it was an opportunity I had to take. The red and black dress was also one of my favorites.
Also I found out that I have something with skirts, the last two look post I've been wearing skirts, sorry if I get you bored about just wearing skirts but I LOVE THEM!! haha. 
Umm well I've been looking for a mint blouse, and when I was in the fitting rooms line I saw this beautiful and cute blouse. 
And now to finish, on my first day I went to an outlet store and I saw this Tahari flats, and I was like OMG the color, I don't have flats in that color, OMG they're my size, OMG the price!! I'LL TAKE THEM! 
After all, when I arrived home I saw all the tickets and I felt, and well I still feel a little guilty, but as one of the slogans of a famous department store like Saks here in Mexico called El Palacio de Hierro, says "la culpa de comprar se me quita al estrenar" which it means that "the guilt of buying goes aways by using for the first time", I know that'll happen to me :) 
I hope you like the post and the items as well, tell me which ones you liked. Look post coming soon! Stay tuned my citizens :) 
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